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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 3, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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that were bought for him and not take advantage of it, isn't it? >> i don't think him giving up the boots is what's sad. i think the whole circumstance in and of itself, homelessness and hunger in the united states is sad. i think it's sad that the fact that this is a very good thing he did. >> sean: it's a very good thing he did. greta is next. >> greta: tonight, is this what you really want to hear at halftime, sports caster bob costas, lecturing football fans, that means you, about gun control. critics are blasting costas. the murder suicide of jovan belcher has started the fire storm. >> in the coming days, belcher's actions and their possible connection to football will be
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analyzed. who knows? but here, wrote jason whitlock, is what i believe. if belcher didn't possess a gun, he and perkins would both be alive today. > >> greta: costas was quoting jason whitlock. immediately after he spoke, twitter blowing up with reaction. herman cain tweeting you tune in to a football game and listen to bob costas spewing sang t sancts drek. >> where are we headed? bob costas deserves to be fired for these remarks. >> he's allowed to have his opinion. yes, he's allowed to go there. >> we want to ban guns because the gun kills the person, not the person pulling the trigger.
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>> you want to get a political lecture by the rantings on the left, i suggest that bob costas could have worked for msnbc. >> jason whitlock's right. if there's no gun here, nobody's dead. i don't know what the issue is to take issue with. >> i don't get the sense he was calling for specific legislation or saying here's what we should do. >> how come costas gets to express his opinion during halftime of seasoned night sundt football? the answer is simple. because that's the opinion of his bosses. >> these are difficult, difficult issues that need to be addressed. farce the football issue, if he doesn't have a gun, they're both alive. >> the idea that we now live in a society where people can't even express an opinion because it's just so offensive to people's sensibilities is very concerning to me. >> whitlock basically said look, all i know is this. if the guy didn't have a gun, he and the girl would be alive
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today. we don't know that, sadly. >> it's nfl sunday. it's halftime. do i really want bob costas giving me a discertificateatio e second amendment? >> no, i don't. >> how is that courageous? >> it's courageous because he knows he'll take heat because people like you will say it's about the second amendment. >> nice imitation of me. well done. >> you've got all the gun laws in the world. somebody wants a gun, they'll go get one. it's called crime. >> greta: we want to know what you think of bob costas' gun control lecture at halftime. go to and we'll have more coming up in the show. tonight, what a mess. just hours ago house republicans sent president obama a new offer to avoid the fiscal cliff. it is a counter offer to president obama's plan. g.o.p. lawmakers proposed raising $800 billion in revenue from tax reform, not higher tax rates, but the white house immediately slammed the offer and said it won't even consider
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it, and tonight speaker boehner responds to the white house response saying it's now up to the president to come up with a plan. congressman allen west joins us. good evening. >> how are you doing? >> greta: very well. the white house is unimpressed by the proposal from the speaker and the white house republicans. >> the white house needs to go back and do case studies whe. you look at presidents cool imagidgeand kennedy, they went % down to 24%. kennedy went from 91% down to 71% and they increased revenue. what we're talking about is not what the president of the united states is looking at with wealth redistribution. we're talking about wealth expansion and economic growth and sound economic policies to do that. if you want to continue to believe that 250,000 dollars makes someone rich, you're going to crush these small businesses owners that operate a subchapter
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s llc using their own personal income bracket. it will affect investment. we're talking about dividends taxes going from 15% to 43.4%. we're talking about the death tax going from a 35% bracket to a 55% bracket and the minimum exemption dropping from 5 million to one million. look at the farmers all across the country, especially down in south florida. what will happen with people in business? something we talked about before we came on air. there are 20 new taxes in the health care law that go above and beyond this tax truck schur we're talking about. >> greta: the came out with new rules on taxes as part of the health care law. 3.8% sur tax goes into effect 2013 for people who make more than $200,000 a year. if you're married, it's 250,000. you're almost better gettin offg divorced. >> you've got a real estate transition tax, a medical device
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tax, a 10% tanning tax. all of these things come together. this is not just something that will affect the quote, unquote, wealthy top two income tax brackets. it will affect all americans. that's what we're talking about. >> greta: do you think the president sent his proposal up through secretary treasurer geithner that he made his deliberately quite far-reaching. he wants additional stimulus money, money in his proposal. >> 50 billion more. >> greta: i'm sure that that probably sent a chill up the spine of most house republicans. do you think that he deliberately did that almost as a negotiating tactic? he put the worst case scenario on the table so they would say i don't want that so they can get something else? >> i don't understand the mind of the president when it comes to this. 1.6 trillion in new taxes. it does nothing for the debt. as a matter of fact, one of the things he asks for, he wants complete authority to raise the debt limit. >> greta: do you think he was serious about the 16 trillion? >> he sent it over there. >> greta: i know, but the idea that you would give a presiden,
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this president or another, when we're so far in debt and they want a credit card with unlimited credit so he never has to ask congress to raise the debt ceiling. >> then i have to say this. if he wasn't serious there is not a joke. we need someone to be serious about the issue, about the spending. we have a federal government that spends about 25% of our gdp and people are jumping up and down the fact that we've got a 2.7% gdp growth in the last quarter. that's nothing. that's quite anemic. ronald reagan had us clicking out of the carter recession at 7 or 8%. > >> greta: americans for prosperity is unhappy with speaker boehner's proposal. he's also getting hit by his own team. >> i think this is a very pragmatic proposal that the speaker has laid out there. to say that we can generate revenues, not from raising rates but from reducing the exemptions, the deducts and loop
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loopholes out there. how do we start moving away from these six different tax brackets and bring them down to two and flat tax this thing out and expand the tax base as well. >> greta: i take it you're behind the speaker's proposal? >> i do stand behind that proposal. one thing i want to make sure. we cannot compromise our principles. when we start talking about limited government and precluding the growth and expansion of the government, when we talk about fiscal responsibility, you can't compromise that. that's what got us into the problems we're in right now. >> greta: are members of the tea party caucus in the house behind the proposal, as best you know. >> we just got in today. this letter was delivered today. i'm sure we'll find out more about this on meeting i w conference meeting. the most important thing is we cannot compromise our principles and we cannot do the same thing that washington, dc does, meaning doing what the democrats want. now to new mexico. governor susana martinez. does she represent the republican party's future?
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she's the first female hispanic government and her name is coming up as a possible 2016 presidential cabbed. over the weekend on the record went to new mexico to talk to governor mar martinez. but first she took he us to her family's business in el paso, texas. >> we are at the place is now my brother's business, but this was texas security guard service. this is where my parents started their business back in the late '70s, and they were in existence for about 25 years. > >> greta: this is their property. this is texas and you're the governor of new mexico, but they let you come here? >> they let me come here. >> greta: when your parents started this business, how much money did they start it with? >> truly when they started it, we lived pa paycheck to paychec. they started out with a few security guards. my father was a security guard, i was a security guard. i moo mother was working in the
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office. in the beginning she worked out of the kitchen of our house because we didn't have this building. i used to work at a catholic bingo in the parking lot to make sure no one was breaking into the cars at nighttime. >> greta: i understand whriewrpe armed because at the republican national convention you spoke about being armed. >> yeah. my dad was a cop beforehand, and he wanted do make sure i had the proper equipment to be a security guard. i got certified at 18. i had a .357 magnum. i had the uniform, the badge, the whole nine yards. we walk the parking lot. >> greta: was it one of those family businesses where it was a non-stop family business? >> for my mother and father, initially, yes. my mother did not give up her day job. she continued to work her day job. she was an office assistant an at night she would do the books at home for this business. it was constant for her. i went to college at utep during the daytime and i was a security guard at nighttime. my dad, of course, was hustling
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for the contracts any chance he had. >> greta: why do you think someone starts a small business? why did your father do this? did he get sick of being a police officer? why? >> he wanted to work for himself and be able to make decisions for himself as to how big or small he wanted his business to be. he wanted to be his own boss. >> greta: your brother now has the business, right? there's been some mod i modific, right? >> hi, how are you. >> greta: was she a good sister? [ laughter ] >> greta: what's the story? what don't we know? >> boss bossy sister. she always wanted things done her way. or no way. >> greta: her way or no way. >> even when she was really young, my grandmother labeled her the little lawyer because she could always talk from a very, very young age and make a lot of sense. >> greta: i mean, you didn't necessarily get the bug to be a small business owner, but you were involved in the launch of a
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small business. you seemed to have had an interest in politics, at least starting with tsunam student co. you didn't want to be secretary. you wanted to be a lawyer so you could boss your brother around, right? >> why did you become a lawyer? >> you know, i actually became a lawyer because i thought you had to be a lawyer in order to get into national politics. i actually wanted to get into politics since probably about eateighth grade, freshman. i would watch the debates of the senators and congressman on television and i said i think i want to become something like that. most of them were yours la. i thought i had to be a lawyer, soy started down that path. when i was a freshman, there were two teachers who actually -- they pulled together some young girls and we talked about careers. where do you want to be in five years, 10 years, 15 years? what is your plan in life? i remember thinking well, i want to be mayor of a city because i
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didn't really have a role model beyond that, and they say why just the mayor? why would you stop there? i said well, you know, here in el paso you didn't see -- i just didn't see anyone at a higher level in government. they said well, why not, you know, think about being a governor or think about being something else. that's the first time i thought i can. i don't have to limit myself. >> greta: back in new mexico, governor martinez takes us to the place where in 2009 she first announced her run for governor. >> all right. this is the place you made your announcement for governor. >> it is. >> reporter: you're a republican. how did that happen? it doesn't sound right. >> we became friends throughout the years, and i was district attorney. i ran for district attorney, i
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was supported and they provided food for my events. i considered them a friend. i wanted to hernandez th earn td vote for democrats. i thought this was a perfect place to start that by par bi-pn relationship. >> greta: there's a law here that you can be here in the state illegally, in this country illegally and can still get a driver's license but you want to change that. why? >> because new mexico cans want to change it. the law was first passed because they wanted to increase the number of insured drivers. it did nothing for that. we're at the bottom of the country as far as insured drivers. >> greta: what year was that? >> 2005. >> greta: okay. >> what it did was brought in a criminal industry into new mexico. organized crime. people who were charging 2000 to 5,000 to be provided with illegal documents, fraudulent documents claiming you're a
7:15 pm
residents when you're not with a contract for an apartment complex, utilities, bank records, etc. we don't even know if you're real name is on those documents. you go get a driver's license, and you can exchange that driver's license for any other state, and then you're, you know, under the radar. we don't know who you are. the law intended was for someone who lived in new mexico, and now we have people from all over the world who are here illegally who are paying to get that new mexico driver's license. >> greta: and straight ahead, more with governor susana martinez. is she planning to make a run for the white house in 2016? she answers that question next. also, senator lindsay graham saying the crazy bastards at guantanamo bay should not be brought to u.s. soil. he has more to say, too. senator graham is here coming up.
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i always wait until the last minute.
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>> greta: we're just back from new mexico and now more from the state's republican governor, susana martinez. senator harry reid said in 2010 when you were running his son was also running for governor in nevada. he said joa i don't know how ane of hispanic heritage could be a republican. >> i find that disappointing that anyone would think that we're not independent thinkers. i'm an independent thinker. i am a woman. i am a republican, and i think for myself, and i decide where i vote and how i vote, and to make a statement like that is to assume that we are not independent thinkers, and we are.
7:20 pm
>> greta: you've had a pretty highly contested primary for governor. governor sarah palin came out and supported you, right? >> she did. >> greta: what do you think about governor palin's political career and how the public responded to her and the media? >> i think certainly she is someone that has made a difference in the run party and in the tea party. she has caused a lot of interest to come about in reference to the issues. she speaks a lo a lot about dift issues and how strong she feels about them. i was pleased for her to come and support me. i think it made a difference. i also think that she is still very available to give her opinion in reference to politics and where america's going and whether we're on the right track or not. i think she's certainly free to do that. i was pleased to receive her endorsement. >> greta: when you became governor, you inherented a in--d
7:21 pm
a deficit. do you remember what it was? >> yes. the day before the election, the general election, it was $250 million. >> greta: million? >> uh-huh. keep in mind, the state budget is only 5.6 billion, so the day before the general election we were having it reported as $250 million. the day after the election it came $450 million. >> greta: what happened in those 24 or 48 hours? >> certainly the administration that was in place was not being truthful with the public, and so the day after i certainly was informed that the deficit was much bigger. >> greta: how does that happen? weren't the figures public? i mean, i assume that people were following and reporting on governor richardson as a steward of the economy here. >> no. that was not what was happening. when was coming out -- what was coming out of the governor's office were figures that were not being honest with the people.
7:22 pm
>> greta: you must have just about fallen over when you saw the number jump in a period of 24 or 48 hours. >> absolutely. it was a number that i knew we had to deal with. i knew we had to deal with $2 50 million. i guess we'll have to dea do wht the rest of the people are doing is tighten our belts and figure out how to solve the problem. when i was running for office, i was committed to not raising taxes. i was going to balance the budget and make sure that we were not going to raise taxes so that we could really continue to be competitive in bringing businesses to new mexico. grow our economy so that that deficit will never come back again. >> greta: well, a fast way to get money is to cut spending or eliminate waste and grow the economy. growing the economy takes a bit of time. i take it that it was expense cutting because you went to -- you balanced your budget. >> i did. i presented a budget and the governor is expected to present a budget, and in that budget, my budget actually increased spending in medicaid and in
7:23 pm
education. my proposed budget but also trimmed back, for example, i trimmed back on the number of exempt employees. >> greta: what's that mean? >> people who answer just to the governor versus classified employees who you have to -- you can only get rid of an employee for cause. >> greta: so it's basically civil service versus appointments. >> exactly. governor richardson had grown the number of exempt employees by over 340. i have it down to i think 212 at this time. i got rid of the two chefs that were assigned to the residence. we sold the jet that governor richardson had purchased. we sold the jet in addition to four other planes. we cut the exempt employees. no one was going to hernandez ee than $125,000 for cabinet secretary. we were going to cut back on salaries significantly. i mean, with we went through the
7:24 pm
budget tooth and nail from cell phones and take home cars and i put a moratorium on the purchase of brand new cars for two years. i mean, we went through it in a way that had never been done before. we balanced it, and we got a surplus. >> greta: the method that you employed and your democratic house and senate, do you think that would be an effective way on the national level, or is the federal government so vastly different because your remedies seem quite straight forward and simple, but would they translate on a national level? >> well, certainly cutting spending is one of the things that can trans end to the federal government. i think the federal government has grown by leaps and bounds, and they need to look where do they need to cut. i'm not sure that washington is at such a gridlock they're not willing to even really look at where is the excess, where do we cut? it can't be across the board.
7:25 pm
>> greta: i take it from that you're opposed to just letting us go off the fiscal cliff because that takes cuts straight across the board. >> it does. it makes those cuts across the board. new mexico will actually feel enormous impact. unfortunately, new mexico depends significantly on federal dollars. we have four military bases here in new mexico. we have two national labs that are very important to our national defense, and so we could possibly lose 20,000 jobs. >> greta: health care exchanges. you're setting them up. some republican governors are not. why did you decide to set them up? >> well, we're moving in that direction but we're still negotiating with the federal government, and we're negotiating for flexibility. we're negotiating for what is best for new mexicans instead of the one size fits all that's coming from washington, dc. where can we be flexible that best serves newmexicans. we've asked many questions of
7:26 pm
the president and we're hoping for answers it's been several months that we've been asking these questions and haven't received responses, but if at the end of the day the responses are not what benefit new mexicans, we can always allow the federal government to push forward those exchanges. >> greta: it's no secret that there are a lot of eyes on you on 2016. you're a woman, you're a governor, you're hispanic. any thoughts on running for president in 2016? >> no thoughts on that. i am running for reelection for the governor of new mexico. i want to make sure that i fulfill the promises that i made to new mexicans. that's extremely important to me. >> greta: before leaving new mexico, we also got to meet the governor's very sweet sister. >> how is your sister as governor. >> very good. >> greta: very good? >> yes. >> greta: tell me more.
7:27 pm
>> she's the greatest sister i never had. >> greta: she's a good sister. she loves you. >> yeah. everybody does. thanks very much. >> greta: do you watch us on tv? yes. >> greta: you're going to keep watching her? >> yeah. do you remember watching her on seltelevision. yes. >> tell her about your birthday party at the governor's house. >> yes i had a birthday party at the governor's house. >> greta: really? was it fun? >> yeah. >> greta: is it a nice house? >> yeah. >> greta: were the dogs there? >> yeah. >> greta: how old were you? >> how old did you become? >> 55. >> 55. whoa. you don't look 55. >> greta: happy birthday. the governor is a guardian for her disabled sister who you just met. there's much more of our interview with governor susana martinez. go to up next, senator lindsay
7:28 pm
graham. he said yes, these are his words, the crazy bastards at guantanamo bay may want to kill us all, and they should be kept off u.s. soil. senator graham is here to talk about the controversy. superstorm sandy victims ripping into female. fema. wait until you hear that next. it's coming up. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. with snapshot, i knew what i could save before i switched to progressive. the better i drive, the more i save. i wish our company had something this cool. you're not filming this, are you? aw! camera shy. snapshot from progressive. test-drive snapshot before you switch. visit today.
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or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> the american people don't want to close guantanamo bay which is an isolated military controlled facility to bring these crazy bastards that want to kill us all to the united states. the people who attacked us on 9/11 in that prison want to destroy our way of life. they don't want to steal your car. they don't want to break in your house. we've got a military prison being well run, so i think the american people are telling everybody in this body have you lost your mind? we're at war. act like you're at war.
7:32 pm
>> greta: senator graham leaving no doubt where he stands. he joins us this evening. >> good evening, senator. that was pretty colorful. >> greta: i guess we know how you stand on it. >> yes. we've got a military prison. i don't know if you've been to gitmo, but the guards go through a pretty tough time down there. it's transparent and open to the world to inspect. it's geneva convention compliant. president obama hats been reluctant to really create a legal system here at home that i feel comfortable with. let's leave them right where we've got them. >> greta: the president ran in 2008 on closing gitmo and signed an order on the first day in office about closing it. that hasn't happened. >> right. >> greta: is it your idea to keep this indefinitely detained? what about any sort of trial or due process. >> they're all getting trials. all of them have been to habeas judges. all of them have a right to go
7:33 pm
before a federal judge. no one is held at gitmo until they pass through an independent judiciariry. they should be tried in a military court. those who attacked us on 9/11 is not a common crime. i think they're war criminals. >> greta: why would the president want to detain them in the territory of the united states? there was a prison in illinois that was discussed. if they're going to be detained, does it make a difference where we detain them? >> i think these are not common criminals. i think they're high value terrorist targets and keeping them away from population centers is smart. >> greta: why would he not want that? i can't get the downside of it. >> gitmo has created an image problem for us because there was some pieces there earlier on. the prison has been cleaned up, it's well run. the problem i have with the president is in closing guantanamo bay, i want a legal regime that understands these are not common criminals but war
7:34 pm
criminals and they represent a military threat. i've been a military lawyer for 30 years. it's not to punish people per se, it's to hold them off the battle field. if they're going to be tried, they should be tried by military commissions because al-qaeda represents a military threat against our country. the difference between fighting a war and a crime is significant. i don't think this president understands the difference. >> greta: i haven't seen gitmo. >> you should go down there. >> greta: i'd like to. i've seen a lot of prisons. my guess is gitmo is probably nicer than some of these. i mean, i would guess. i'm trying to figure out. >> why don't you go with me? it's the best run military prison anywhere in the world, and i'm proud of the guard force. i'm proud of the fact that we're holding people humanely, but i'm very insistent that we fight this as a war. the people down there are not common criminals. they're warriors and need to be held off the battle field. >field. >> greta: my guess is that some
7:35 pm
would rather be detained at gitmo rather than some of these other prisons. just a wild guess. let me ask you about the fiscal cliff. where do we stand? >> we're standing on the edge. >> greta: i understand that. >> can i just say what i want to avoid? what i want more than anything else is to get the country out of debt in a permanent way. the big problem with us becoming greece is not revenue, it's not the tax code. it's entitlements. 10,000 baby boomers retire a day. social security and medicare are about $50 trillion underfunded combined, and we need to adjust the age of retirement slowly but surely for people under 55 because we're all living longer. you and i need to pay a little more into the system because we can afford it. that's the kind of entitlement reform we need to avoid the coming grief. >> greta: there are two things to do. nothing. i guess there are three things. we can do nothing, manage it, or solve it. manage is sort of a limping along situation. recognizing that more baby
7:36 pm
boomers are coming along. management is actually getting more of a situation. >> the longer you wait to solve it, the harder it is. if we do nothing, social security runs out of money in 2033. medicare goes broke in 2024, and to fix it, you would have to increase taxes by one-third for the entire population or cut benefits by 28%. if you do it now, you could save the benefit string for those who need it the most, ask people like me to pay more and areduce my benefits because i can afford to take the hit. this president, my biggest problem with president obama is that he is a small minded president in big times. he's talking about 35 versus 39.6 for people that make over a million dollars. that doesn't get us out of debt. >> greta: that will pay eight days. >> eight days. what i'm talking about working as republicans and demghts like tip o'neill and ronald reagan. i'm not asking medicare.
7:37 pm
>> greta: or even governor martinez in new mexico. she did it with a democratic legislature. >> let's do it together. i'm not asking it to become a voucher program. i'm not asking to privatize social security. if we adjusted the age of retirement over the next 30 years like ronald reagan and tip o'neill and adjusted the cpi index and means tested benefits, we could save medicare and social security from insolvency. people need these programs. the good noos news is we'd get r kids and grabbed kids ou grand e situation. why doesn't the president take the offer. i'm for generating more revenue only if we get entitlement reform. >> greta: coming up, the halftime show turned gun control lecture. is the sports caster out of line? our political panel is here to talk about that next, and in two minutes by now you probably know kate middleton is expecting, but
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it was the baby announcement heard around the world, prince william and kate middleton are expecting. the duchess of cambridge is hospitalized with severe morning sickness and now, something you probably didn't know. what will the royal baby look like? the website morph things has done the work to figure it out. they matched together will and kate's feature, and the picture of what their baby boy would look like, dark haired by kate. a picture of what a girl would look like, fair haired by prince william. so far no word on the due date. when the child arrives, he will be or she will be third in line. do you think the media will be tasteful in its coverage or cheap and trashy? go to and tell us. we're back in 90 seconds.
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7:43 pm
heavy downpours for the past five days dropping 15 to 20 inches of rain pushing rivers over their banks. meteorologists predicting torrential rain tomorrow across the sierras. one of the nation's largest teachers unions proposing a tough exam that teachers have to pass before entering their profession. a new report by the american federation of teachers says the exam would produce more qualified educators. the aft saying they don't want to just wait and see if a teacher's students will sink or swim. the test being compared to the bar exam for lawyers. i'm ainsley earhardt. back to on the record with greta. >> greta: political football. broadcaster bob costas using last night's halftime show to lecture sports fans about gun control. his speech sparked by the murder-suicide involving kansas city chiefs player jovan belcher. >> our current gun which you will yoculture,whitlock wrote, e
7:44 pm
convenience store cob frontations over music coming from car will leave teenage boys bloody and dead. they bait ugg us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it. >> ink jo us, ou jointly us is l panel. what do you think. appropriate, inappropriate, something in between. >> leading the subject matter aside, it's a real hot potato. you make comments about that using space on the air waves, you're going to get a huge reaction. but whether or not he used that platform was appropriate is a different question. i think if he had said what he said there on twitter or on facebook or in another place, he would have gotten a reaction but not the enormous reaction that this prompted because he used
7:45 pm
what is traditionally a perch in journalism where you hole forth like a political talk show host and give commentary on something except for football. it was a football game, and that will be the question. people are saying that nbc should fire him. that's what they're talking about. they're not talking about the subject matter. >> we can say that faster. it was totally inappropriate. i mean, remember when the controversy of rush limbaugh was going to do commentary on an nfl games, and my goodness, this would be political commentary during an nfl game. you can't have that. well, that's exactly what we got, and i mean, it's a perfectly legitimate topic to talk about. i mean, if he had been on a sunday show or on a talk radio show about the news, but this was a football game. it was completely inappropriate arfor him to editorialize in ths way. >> i think karen feels differently. >> i don't understand why this is such a controversy. this man is paid for giving his opinions about topics and issues involving sports.
7:46 pm
this was a gigantic sports story. he has often talked, in fact, about cultural issues involving sports. you can disagree with him. you can say that his reasoning was flawed, but again, this is a man who is paid, and this was a gigantic sports story. >> well, it was -- look. it was a sports story in the sense that the criminal here was a football player, but this whole thing seemed to get kind of out of context on espn. there seemed to be more memorializing of the killer who later killed himself than there was for the murder victim in this case, and this thing just kind of spiraled out of control. > >> greta: i mean, it's an important topic. we all agree that these topics are important, but there's something sacred about sunday night football or "monday night football", families sit around. i don't want to be lectured by bob costas on anything, whether i agree with him or not.
7:47 pm
i don't know. maybe that's just me. that's my only thought. could you do it after the show? could you do it after the game? you don't agree, though? >> i guess i don't consider football halftime sacred. >> greta: obviously you're not packer fan. there's something seriously wrong with you. >> i'm from texas. halftime is when everybody goes to get their beer. >> greta: there's a good point to that. >> again, if he said it somewhere else, it wouldn't be the reaction, but it was kind of a blind side. he took an opportunity to use his perch in a way that is not what he's paid to do. >> and he also took a real position on this. he took a very pro gun control position. apparently an nbc spokesman said that costas is in favor of common sense gun control, whatever that means. >> he has since done an interview with the "new york times" where he said he's absolutely not, you know, against the second amendment, that he just believes that the gun culture is too pervasive. >> so he was not saying well,
7:48 pm
this is going to ignite a debate inside sports. he was actually taking a position on the extremely hot issue. >> greta: if nothing else, even if he has now done that, he's essentially put the spotlight on it whether he takes heat or not. panel, thank you. straight ahead, is fema ignoring victims of superstorm sandy? hundreds left homeless by sandy say yes and they let fema know is. you'll hear from one of the outraged residents ... next. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- you can stay in and share something... ♪ ♪ ...or you can get out there with your friends and actually share something.
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>> you think it's a joke? you want to switch houses for christmas? you sit there and laugh. you think it's a joke? you really think it's a joke? you go home for the holidays. i don't. you sit there and with a smile. >> greta: tempers boiling over at a town hall meeting at storm-ravaged staten island. many left homes by superstorm sandy confronting fema officials. outraged victims say fema has left them to fend for themselves. that is despite president obama's promise to cut the red tape. we're joined by a man from the meeting. tom, i take it this gentleman was not the only one who was
7:53 pm
distraught with fema, is that right? >> of course. almost everybody at that meeting has different issues with fema, whether you lost your whole house and you have flood insurance or you don't have flood insurance. you know, that's where they're at. some people lost half their house, cars, you know. there's a lot of discrepancy in how fema lets out the money, you know. i can tell you stories where people, i know two people who had the same amount of damage, and one person, and they live on the same type of concrete slab, foundation house, right. and one person's floor is not their living quarters because they had three floors and one person's floor is their living quarters because there's only two floors. that person got 2000. she had like 8 inches of water in her living roo room on the ft
7:54 pm
floor which causes a lot of damage because it soaks up to all the drywall, and this other person who it wasn't her living quarters but she had more water, about a foot of water, got 11,000. you have discrepancies like that. if you have flood insurance, all the people that have flood insurance are still waiting. i haven't heard anybody get a check yet or an advance check which we have been promised from our flood insurance. everybody has different carriers, but fema is the ultimate holder of the flood insurance. >> do you feel like -- i mean, the president says he'll cut through the red tape and of course, governor christie in new jersey. we only have 30 seconds left. your thought on whether the president is still on top of this one. >> well, i'm sure he is, and i know he meant everything he said, but he forgot one thing. if you want to cut red tape, you have to cut red tape to cut the red tape. >> greta: well, it's certainly
7:55 pm
terrible what's happened to so many. so many have suffered in this storm as well as other storms. tom, i hope fema's watching and i hope they get extra help and i hope they help you and everybody else in your area. >> thank you. > >> greta: thanks for joining us. we'll have you back if nothing's has changed in two weeks or a week. let us know, okay? >> thank you so much. >> greta: coming up, mccain and kerry. is it a new comedy team? see why the senators got big laughs on capitol hill today. that's next. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights it's time for last call. senator john mccain and john kerry taking good natured jabs at one another, each giving the other a new title. >> by ratifying this treaty we'd make it clear the best of america is worth exporting to people on a global basis. i hope would allow the opportunity to do that, senator mccain. >> thank you very much. mr. secretary. >> mr. president, this is what happens when you get two losers up here. >> greta: that is your la


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